ACE MEDIA was founded in 1990 as literary agency by founder Allan Pritzkers. Since then, the business has grown into one of New York’s independent title and writer Scouts with over 3,000 books we helped succeed. We are Committed to Market the best books from the most talented authors in the USA and beyond. We also provide publishing service to selected authors who passed content and marketability assessment.



Our extensive range of Publishing Services converts your material using the international book quality standards for paperback, hardback, eBook and Audiobook. We use nothing but high-quality, acid-free, book-grade material and deploy industry experts in editorial and design. We deal only with industry-leading firms that prints and distributes your title worldwide. We offer a wide variety services to meet your publication needs regardless of what genre and results you envision for this project.

Authors get full control of the project and full rights of the book upon publication. We award 100% percent royalty on book sales, as we would never snuff out your dream. We know the challenges of self publishing like the back of our hand and that is why we value your success and every Author's satisfaction is a guarantee.

ALLA is Ace Media’s paramount marketing approach that guarantees result. This campaign encompass intensive analysis and planning on how a writer is perceived in the market as an established Author. Developing a good relationship with the target audience is essential for brand management. The initial target of the service is to build strong marketing foundation that targets relationship and recognition to your audience through online, to further exposure through media (radio, magazine, newspaper, television).

This service will allow you to have your own personal publicist that would oversee all aspects of the label association as well as establishing good relationships with your target audience. We will then track the market’s response through a Data Driven results which we will use in analyzing our succeeding exertion in the market. This report will also be used in creating a Label portfolio for you to present to affiliated vendors and book investors.

In this modern age Online presence is crucial for anyone and anythig to prosper. Taking advantage of the massive digital marketing available is the only way to go. We understand that its not easy for everyone to jump in the new age bandwagon, that is why we hold your hand and encourage you to take this journey us.

We are experts in Social Media be it blogging, facebook, IG and Youtube just to name a few. Our social media managers have exceptional skills on making a discernible online footprint to boost your social media presence. Remember, your book is great however readers and traditional publishers purchase not just your story. They would want to know more about the creative mind behind a masterpiece. You.

Reaching your target audience is crucial to make your Book a success!

Our experience and connections with various media outlets will make this feat sail smoothly. We can make an exclusive TV appearance possible. A Radio Interview with 2 of America's most credible Radio personalities. A Newspaper feature on the country's most trusted and widely distributed national newspapers. Stories in motion catch utmost intrigue. We create Book Trailers worthy of an Oscar.

Nothing is more magical than interacting with your readers! Book events and book signings bridge the gap between Authors and Readers. It is on these moments that the real magic weaves relationships that would last. We know this and made it our advocacy to facilitate such affairs that alter lives and experiences. We are affiliated with International, National and regional Book events that you can participate in or we can organize an intimate book signing at your local bookstore or area if you prefer.

Business cards, flyers, Brochures and even personalized collaterals. These materials may be small but they are vital in building your brand as an Author. We will create these ammunitions for you so that you can effectively reach your targeted readers.

Our creative team will conceptualize with you in creating these materials. Our skills and experience will bring out the look and feel of your personal brand image.


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